L’edizione 2024 di Gravaltenesi è un’esperienza gravel non agonistica, a partecipazione subordinata all’iscrizione mediante “Eventbrite” in autosufficienza che ti trasporterà attraverso il territorio della Valtenesi, il lago di Garda e la provincia di Brescia.

The Valtenesi, famous for oil, wine production, and much more, welcomes you to discover its history and landscapes. Cycling where the Scaligeri, Visconti, and the Venetian Republic left a tangible sign of their presence, you will feel and taste the beauty of this land.
Gravaltenesi consists of a non-competitive ecological bike ride. Each participant takes part personally and assumes all risks and responsibilities arising from participation in the event. The promoters and anyone involved in the event planning will not be liable in any way for the participants' safety or security.

Three routes available:
• Groppello Rutt: per chi si vuole scoprire la Valtenesi (circa 120 km, 1600 D+)
• Chiaretto Rutt: un assaggio di Valtenesi che lascia il segno…. ed un buon retrogusto (circa 58 km, 800 D+)
• Lemonade Rutt: dedicated to children and families.
Participants will receive GPS routes tracks in the days leading up to the event. There will be signposting for the lemonade route.

The HELMET is MANDATORY for all routes, and each participant must carry a mobile phone. Adults (parents or others for them) who have registered on the 'Eventbrite' portal are responsible for their minors.
Respecting the highway code, nature, people, and things is fundamental for Gravaltenesi and civilized living.
A current medical certificate is mandatory as being in good health as well. Here below the details for each type of route.
Due to the particular cardio-respiratory commitment required by the long route (approx. 110 km mainly on gravel road x 1500 m positive altitude difference), a valid medical certificate for a competitive activity will be required from participants at the time of the event.
Participants taking part in the short route (approx. 50 km gravel road x 700 m positive altitude difference) must own a valid high-impact sports activity certificate at the time of the event.
You don't need the certificate during the registration, but you must show it when collecting the FRONTALINO that will identify the regular participants.
Each participant has to value the route feasibility according to personal ability and choose the most suitable means of transport: we recommend MTB, CX, Gravel, and eMTB bicycles instead of racing bikes due to the uneven gravel surface.

Indemnity Clause
The organization refuses any responsibility related to the actions of participants or any linked consequences. Each participant is liable for any charges or expenses incurred by or generated by an incident involving or caused by them.
There will be an ambulance on site, but if the participant, due to the situation, is unable to decide to do or to call the emergency services for any reason, he/she accepts that a third person or a member of the organization may take this action in his/her place; in this case, the participant nevertheless accepts all the related costs and consequences.
The participant waives any legal action against the organization and any natural person connected with it or traceable to it for any liability, claim, loss, or damage, now or later accrued, caused, or allegedly caused, in whole or in part, by the participant's involvement.
The subscriber grants the organization the unrestricted, totally free, and irrevocable right to use, re-use, publish, and republish his/her images with no limitation. Moreover, there are no limitations to modifications, alterations, or publications made by any means and on any current or future media for illustrative, promotional, artistic representation, editorial, advertising, or commercial purposes.
By taking part in Gravaltenesi, each participant declares to be aware of these rules, to understand the difficulties of the proposed route, and considers to be in an adequate physical condition to endure the effort and any inconveniences due to weather, road surface, orientation difficulties, mechanical problems and the need to renounce.
The routes are not labeled in any way and are open to traffic. Participants undertake to present themselves at the start with any means they deem necessary to follow the route.